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We provide a variety of convenient leasing programs for private businesses and government agencies.

No Frills Connect

This is a lease designed to release the burden of equipment cost, monthly repeater site cost and budgeting. Finally one cost includes everything, no hidden costs, and no additional airtime cost and no hard to read bills. NO FRILLS!

 No Frills Connect Example:
10 Mobile Radio & Unlimited Service or
Portable Radio
1 Base Station $45.95
$ 45.95

The above example includes radio equipment, antenna, monthly repeater service and installation*. This program is a 36-month minimum commitment with optional buyout and continued repeater service available. For details call (800) 472-3467.
Repeater service provided by Signature Wireless Group serving the San Francisco
Bay Area and Northern San Joaquin Valley. Some coverage restrictions apply

*installation may very based on location and special requirement

Leasing Benefits

Leasing Pays for Itself: Therefore leasing allows you to purchase the equipment you need without imposing upon your company's cash flow. Also, lease payments are made from future dollars, providing present savings, as today's dollars are worth more now than future dollars.

Leasing Preserves Credit Lines and Capital: Leasing provides an additional source of funds which supplements existing credit lines. Your available capital is increased because other credit lines are left unencumbered for operations, expansion and acquisitions.

Leasing Can Reduce Taxes: Unlike loan payments, lease payments may be fully deductible as an operational expense.

Leasing Provides Flexibility: Monthly or periodic payment terms ranging from 12 to 60 months, allow for simplified budgeting. Your payment schedule can cover all the costs associated with acquiring equipment, including installation, training, maintenance support and freight.

Leasing Can Guarantee Obsolescence Protection: Under special programs with LCA, you can upgrade the equipment you lease from LCA, during or at the end of your lease period, as technological advances occur or as your needs grow.

Standard Leasing Options

  • 10% Buy-Out Plan
  • 10% Security Payment & $1.00 Buy-Out
  • $1.00 Purchase Plan:

We also offer Special Purpose Finance Plans Including:

  • Municipal Lease Programs
  • Deferred Payment Programs
  • 90 Days - Same as Cash – Programs
  • Zero Down Lease Programs
  • Step Payment Program
  • Seasonal Payment Programs
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