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Motorola Public Safety Antennas

Motorola Antennas for Public Safety Radios

Get The Best Possible Reception Wherever You Operate

Motorola antennas are sturdy and dependable for years of fail-safe communication.


Single-Band Antennas

Optimum length designed for higher gain to maximize range. This rugged capless design provides maximum flexibility. Also provides built-in GPS capability.

Flexible Whip

Flexible whip antennas have a one-piece finish and steel core for optimal radiation characteristics. They provide more comfort when radio is worn on the belt.


Helical antennas are sturdy and dependable. Each antenna is designed and built to quality standards. The skirt at the base of the connector helps to seal out damaging elements. The connector is made of plated brass material for long life.


Dipole antennas are injection molded in lasting polyurethane. The wide skirt at the bottom of the connector protects against damaging environmental elements. The dipole antenna is ideal when strong and solid signal clarity is demanded.

Single-Band Stubby Antennas

These antennas also provide built-in GPS capability.

Dual-Band Antennas

Maximize interoperability with a dual band antenna. These whip antennas have one-piece finish, steel core and spiral wound conductor for optimal radiation characteristics. Also provides built-in GPS capability. These antennas are compatible with APX™ 7000 and APX™ 7000XE.


Wideband antennas are ideal when the radio is used in different frequencies since one antenna will cover all ranges.

GPS Antenna

This antenna is used when a Public Safety Microphone is attached to the radio and the radio still requires GPS capability. This antenna attaches to the APX radio directly and is only used when the radio is operating in a single band.

Public Safety Microphone Antenna

Stubby antenna designed to attach to the Public Safety Microphone.


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